The Princess Café is an establishment that has been a pillar or pride in Beecher since 1863. It is located at the corner of Indiana Avenue and Dixie Highway. The Princess was known as the “Old Stage Tavern” and it was one of the first places of business in “Washington Center,” now the town of Beecher. In the Stagecoach days, circa 1870, Beecher was the halfway point from Kankakee to Chicago.

Many pioneers arrived years before, when most of the land was owned by the United States government and by the Illinois Central Railroad. By 1860 all the land was purchased by individuals at the low price of $1.25 per acre.

The “Old Stage Tavern” (now the Princess Café) was a favorite stop for teamsters, and travelers who would stop to rest, wait for the stage coach to arrive, and continue on to their destination.

The “Old Stage Tavern” was well known for miles around for its excellent food. Many German dishes were popular, since the early settlers were German. Dancing and a late dinner (all for a dollar) made many customers happy and always looking forward to coming back.


Today the Princess Café is standing in the original building and has continued to carry proudly the enjoyment of food and drink at its very best.

The Dousias Family came from Greece in 1969 and purchased the Princess Café Restaurant in 1977. Their objective was to offer the best quality of food and drink and the ultimate dining enjoyment to its customers. With many changes along the way, the Princess Café offers the best in steaks, seafood and other numerous house specialties.

The Princess Café opened its doors in September 1977 under new ownership. For three decades the daily operation of the restaurant is under the watchful eye of the Dousias family. All members of the family are involved and along with the staff, are eager to satisfy the most voracious appetites and offer the best of service to the clients who have been coming for years and the new clients who want to give us a try. We are happy to provide friendly and efficient service and the best in food and drink.


502 Dixie Highway
Beecher, Illinois   60401
Phone: (708) 946-3141
Fax (708) 946-2142

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The Princess Cafe
502 Dixie Highway   Beecher, Illinois   60401
Phone: (708) 946-3141        Fax (708) 946-2142